Application for Summer Camp

Join us for for this hugely exciting, all-inclusive event of mixed arts, music and activities. Guests will be able to enjoy unlimited access to all food and drink offerings throughout the event.

This is a busy event that requires the best street food and soft drinks; highest service levels and a key requirement is to keep queues to an absolute minimum throughout the show. You will be guaranteed a minimum fee to cater for guests and reimbursed beyond this guarantee on a 'per item served’  basis. Additional contractual obligations will be detailed after your application and will include the likes of guaranteeing the ability to serve a minimum number of meals throughout the event, portion sizing etc.

Please note, we are only looking for street food and soft drink traders. We do not manage the bars and coffee for this event.


Load in: Tuesday 13th August 2019 TBC


Show Dates: Thursday 15th - Sunday 18th (AM) August 2019

Load out: Sunday 18th August 2019

Applications close: 29th March 2019


Eridge Park, Sussex


You will be paid a minimum guarantee for your attendance based on a preagreed number of portions. Any sales above this will be reimbursed per portion by the client.

The final fee paid to you will equal the number of portions you sell. Fees will vary according to your food type and menu prices.

If you would like to apply for a pitch at this event, please complete the application form below - you will need to include your unique trader code to complete your application. 

Once we have received the form, we will send you a unique email address to send your relevant documentation, diagram of your set up and images to - we will not be able to consider your application without this information.

If your application is successful we will contact you via email to confirm the booking within a month of the application deadline.  We will also supply you with terms for payment. There may also be a specific agreement supplied for certain events and/or venues - any terms or conditions listed in this document will supersede the standard Eat Me Drink Me ones.

If you have any questions please email


This event follows a strict meatless policy. There is absolutely no meat allowed on site and all menus must be pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan. NO SHELLFISH ALLOWED.

We require traders to simplify their menu to three or four items.

This is a cashless event to which you are contractually required to use the trackable system provided.

£150 cash litter, damages and impact bond is payable on arrival

You will be expected to distribute soft drinks on behalf of the bar.

There is no charge for reasonable power at this event.


Contact information
Name *
If you haven't got a unique trader code, please complete the registration form first. If you can't remember your unique trader code, please get in touch -
Please provide your VAT number if so
Event details
Event Dates *
Thursday 15th - Sunday 18th August 2019
Loading in and out dates *
Load in: Tuesday 13th August (this will be confirmed to you closer to the event date by a member of the Eat Me Drink Me team) Load out: Sunday 18th August
About your stall/truck
Important notes to consider: Upon your application being processed, you will be asked to provide a detailed diagram of your set up. This will need to include all measurements in metres, access points and outline your front of house and back of house areas. Please have this ready in preparation. Please reduce your back of house space as much as possible as this may affect your location. Please note, if you are trading from a vehicle once these are sited by the Eat Me Drink Me team they cannot be moved for any reason. There is no camping behind stalls in the main arena.
I.e. Gazebo or Truck
Please list dimensions in metres (frontage x depth) If you work outside of the unit or need space for access please list the details here.
If you will need to have a back up vehicle, fridge truck and/or a gazebo please list the details here
Camping restrictions *
There is no camping behind stalls in the main arena
Please list dimensions in metres (frontage x depth) This should be the total of your stall/ truck dimensions and your back up vehicle/ gazebo dimensions. This should also include access and menu boards if required. Please note, only essential vehicles will be allowed to park behind your pitch (fridge and stock vehicles only).
Do you cook using gas? *
Do you require electricity? *
Power Requirements *
Eg. 1 x 16 amp or 1 x 32 amp
(This can be amended at a later date)
(This can be amended at a later date)
Have you traded at Summer Camp before? *
Your Food
Do you provide any of the following? *
Please tick all that apply
Please note, this is a completely meatless event. All menu items must reflect this. There is no meat allowed on site. NO SHELLFISH ALLOWED. Please outline dietaries per menu item by indicating vegetarian with V, vegan with VE, dairy free with DF and gluten free with GF. If items can be made GF or DF please indicate also.
Please write something you would be happy to be used for marketing purposes
Do you want to sell soft drinks?
There will be a fee payable to the bar operator.
Do you have valid documentation? You will be contacted to provide copies of the below documents.
HACCP or other food safety procedures? *
Risk Assessment *
For your stall, including a section specifically for fire
Public & employer's liability insurance *
Public liability insurance up to £5,000,000 GBP and Employers liability insurance to £10,000,000 GBP
Electrical & Gas Safety Certificates
LPG only - we do not have storage space for spares on site
Evidence of Local Authority Registration *
Council Food Hygiene Star Rating (Scores on the Doors) *
Please note, only traders with a rating of 4 or above will be considered.
Personal Food Hygiene Certificate (level 2 or above)? *
Health and Safety policy / Company Safety Statement
If you have 5 or more employees
Are you able to separate your food waste?
I.e. Wood / Biodegradable / Compostable Please note, we do not allow single use plastic or polystyrene onsite
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