Capo Caccia Fine Food

Capo Caccia Fine Food bring a taste of Sardinia to London with their unique range of charcuterie and cheese sourced directly from Sardinian producers. Firm favourites include Pecorino Sardo; Pane Carasau –traditional Sardinian flatbread; gluten and lactose-free salami seasoned with fennel, myrtle leaves and sun dried chilli; and more unusual items such as Bottarga, a wonderful dried fish roe known as Sardinian caviar, which can be added to pasta or shaved directly onto vegetables for your next dinner party.


Tell us about yourself and your business

I started Capo Caccia in 2012 so that I could bring my love of traditional Sardinian food to London. We regularly travel throughout Sardinia meeting cheese producers, butchers and farmers and sourcing the finest regional staples to bring a unique range of charcuterie and cheese to London.

We sell the finest Pecorino cheese, Ricotta Mustia, a smoked dried Ricotta alongside Pane Carasau, a traditional Sardinian flatbread. We often sell out of our popular range of gluten and lactose-free salami seasoned with fennel, myrtle leaves and sun dried chilli and marinated in red and white wine.

Another hit with meat lovers is Mustela, a traditional southern Sardinian cured pork loin, and Bottarga, a wonderful fish roe known as Sardinian caviar that can be added to pasta or shaved directly on to vegetables as a starter.

Another tasty delight is Malloredus gnocchi, tiny dumplings with an elongated, elegant conch shape and Fregola, semolina dough that has been rolled into fine balls and toasted in an oven.
You’ll find us across London at the finest food markets and you can also find our charcuterie and cheese at restaurants and food shops in the Capital.

We’re passionate about the amazing food that comes from Sardinia and it’s a pleasure to be able to share our passion with you and work with small, artisan producers to bring a taste of Sardinia to London.

What did you do before starting this business

Since I moved to London 15 years ago, I've been working in the fine food business. I started selling Sardinian products at Borough Market for 3 years and I worked for other Italian fine food importer like Guidetti fine food and Ham&Cheese Co. In Italy I was an agronomist working with farmers and I did a PHD in climate change. I started my own business 5 years ago with the objective to import the finest food from Sardinia to London, working very closely with my producers and farmers, supporting them and the Sardinian culture.


What were the main motivations for starting your business

As I said before, since I moved to London, I had the idea to import Sardinian products. I'd been working with producers and farmers in Sardinia and I saw a good potential and an amazing range of products and solid family business with a great background, story and produce. I specialise in Sardinian products because I would like to tell the story of Sardinia through its products. Every area or town has its own bread, recipe or cheese that tell you about the place, the people and the traditions.

What is your inspiration for what you do

After 15 years I still get excited when I receive the delivery from Sardinia and I can't wait to be at the market to talk about the new products with my customers.  I've discovered new products, farms and places in Sardinia and I've also started to bring my clients to Sardinia to meet the producers. I'm still inspired by my homeland and I'm proud to support it!

What do you love most about what you do

Finding new products, bringing them to London and trying them with my customers.

What advice would you give to a new trader starting out

Have in mind a clear idea of what you would like to sell and why you would like to sell it. Think where you want to be with your products in few years time. On top of that, Passion and Love for your own business.

Do you have any links to Ealing

A few good friends living there.

Where do you source your materials from and is this important to you


Where do you get inspiration for new products from

I do a lots of research and I speak a lot with my producers. I meet new products and I visit Sardinia at least twice a year, looking for new products and trying new menu and restaurants.

What's more important to you colour or texture

Texture and colour

Where's your favourite place to eat in London

Anchor and Hope Waterloo
Platform 1 East Dulwich
Mamma Dough Peckham
Patron Kentish town

Sweet or savoury


What's your essential dinner party ingredient

Sharing platter with cheese and salami, good wine, craft beer


Capo Caccia are taking part in the W5 Food Market: Cheese Fest.

An official event in the Evening Standard London Food Month, Eat Me Drink Me’s monthly Sunday food market is ramping up the excitement with an event worshipping cheese. 

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