Award-winning "free from" baker  - Vegan, Gluten-free - offering London's best treats

South London local Elizabeth is dedicated to making gluten-free fun and delicious! They supply their range to the Wholefoods market chain and other upscale cades. All their cakes and treats are 100% gluten free, 70% are vegan, and they have a range of brownies, pies, cakes, cookies and more! They've also recieved multipe great taste awards for their products.

Vegan Gluten Free

Claude & Basil's Épicerie

Delicious and gorgeous little tins of fish from France.

Claude & Basil's Épicerie is a young business launched in August 2017. Elsa Winterstein the owner is a french expat with a love of good food. These fine food tins from France are all responsibly sourced and made in small batches by food artisans and cannot be found in supermarkets. The little tins are all healthy, tasty, delicious and gorgeous!

The experts Claude & Basil regularly travel to France in search for original products rarely found in the UK.

Morish JEMs

Morish JEMs ltd is a producer of artisan cakes, brownies and other sweet treats that are all gluten free with a wide range that are also vegan, lactose free and with no added sugar.  All our products are home made with organic, fair trade, responsibility and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Vegan Gluten Free

Kompassion Kombucha

Kompassion Kombucha is brewed in Bermondsey, London and is 100% raw and natural. We brew according to the ancient method using the Mother: a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast that ferment the drink and yield probiotic benefits, promote digestion, detox the liver and boost energy levels. Our kombucha is non alcoholic and infused with medicinal roots, berries, flowers and fruits to reduce unique and exciting flavours.

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Peckham Sauce Co.

Fermented sauces made in London. A mix of spices is blended with chillies to create a unique flavour. Totally natural, totally vegan.

I started playing around with fermented hot sauces in my kitchen back in 2017, I created the first batch that I gifted to foodie friends and family at Christmas. I was encouraged to start selling immediately because it tasted like 'no other'. Since then I have refined the fermenting process and my spices to eventually create 'Batch One'. Working alongside my job at food delivery company EatFirst, I have been going from strength to strength selling out in shops across London with the vision to create a full range of totally unique hot sauces.

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The Fava Project

The FAVA Project believes that chocolates and treats can be free from refined ingredients, bringing the true flavours and textures to people. No preservatives and emulsifiers are added in their products, and as a plus, everything is organic and vegan

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Vegan Garden

A range of fresh and electric, healthy, creative, vegan food: lasagne, quiche, spring rolls, salads, cakes, soups and more.

Brightly coloured, fresh, vegan dishes made with local produce. All the food is inspired by different cultures and people and what people genuinely enjoy eating. 

Nibs etc

Nibs etc. is about making delicious breakfast foods and snacks from ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away - specifically, crackers and granola made from juice pulp - to fight food waste and inspire others to do the same.

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Mamas Little Rum Cake

High quality, traditional rum cakes made with a secret family recipe! Rum cakes are very popular throughout the Carribbean. They can be eaten as an everyday desert, as well as for celebrations. You can definitely find a rum cake for every occasion.

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Kinda Co

Kinda co are the ultimate vegan cheese, made using a traditional cheesemaking process, and made with nuts! While these products are vegan, they are full of flavour.

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White Lake Cheese

Based in the heart of the Cheddar Country, White Lake Cheese was established in 2004 by Peter Humphries and Roger Longman. Over a decade later, their are famed for extraordinary range of goats’, sheeps’ and cows’ milk cheeses.With a passion for great cheese, and an eye for innovation, Roger and Pete have built White Lake into the award-winning business it is today. Their accomplishememts include endless awards and accolades, and over the years, Roger and Pete have added tree more cheesemakers to their artisan army. They believe in  always experimenting and evolving their delicious creations – they now produce a winning variety of 25 cheeses.

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Park + Bridge

Park + Bridge is an independent, neighbourhood wine shop in Churchfield Road, Acton, W3. They offer a neatly-curated collection of interesting and different wines that are all great examples of their style or type. These are the wines you’re unlikely to find alongside the pet food and washing powder at any supermarket. These are Artisan wines that are made with care by people who love what they do. The wine makers believe that life really is too short to drink bad wine. And that wine should be fun. They have got it covered! Intrigued? Cheers to the weekend! 

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Weird Beard Brew Co.

Attention! Freshest and latest beers created in West London brewery are coming to our market. Weird Beard Brew Co. were born kicking, screaming and moshing into the London beer scene in the early 2013, Weird Beard Brew Co. don't believe in being stereotyped. They love upfront, in-your-face, hop-focused beers, along with various classic styles. Their products will satisfy, enthuse and be enjoyed by whoever the drinker. Proudly experimental and happily non-conformist, they really do push the creative boundaries.  Come down and get your hands on the get great hand-crafted beer brewed in West London.

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