Kinda Co

Kinda co are the ultimate vegan cheese, made using a traditional cheesemaking process, and made with nuts! While these products are vegan, they are full of flavour.

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White Lake Cheese

Based in the heart of the Cheddar Country, White Lake Cheese was established in 2004 by Peter Humphries and Roger Longman. Over a decade later, their are famed for extraordinary range of goats’, sheeps’ and cows’ milk cheeses.With a passion for great cheese, and an eye for innovation, Roger and Pete have built White Lake into the award-winning business it is today. Their accomplishememts include endless awards and accolades, and over the years, Roger and Pete have added tree more cheesemakers to their artisan army. They believe in  always experimenting and evolving their delicious creations – they now produce a winning variety of 25 cheeses.

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London Cheese Market

London Cheese Market will offer you a variety of delicious flavoursome cheeses. What's great, they make these from locally sourced  ingredients which makes them very ethical and friendly. We guarantee, these freshly prepared cheese boards will knock your socks off. 

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The Old Cheese Room

This family owned cheese company and their buttery, creamy, savoury and long lasting flavoury french style Baronet cheese will leave you wanting more!  Baronet cheese - semi-soft, washed rind cheese, French style. Making it with Organic Jersey cow's milk, it has a yellow core with smooth, elastic texture and pink, peachy rind. It comes in two sizes; individual 270-290g and large Baronet which weights around 900g and they will sell it by weight.

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Heritage Cheese

Prepare yourself, Heritage Cheese multi award-winning fine Italian cheeses and charcuterie will take you on a journey to discover the finest flavours of Italy. 

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Pomodoro E Basilico

Pomodoro E Basilico was born from a passion of all things vegan and italian! They have created arange of products, all delicious, all vegan. This range includes homemade vegan cheese, pastries, cakes, fresh pasta and more. 

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Montadito spend their days exploring the best of what Spanish cuisine provides, frequently travelling to remote places of Spain and supporting family businesses aiming to preserve Spanish culture  -- and then they bring their fabulous food findings all the way to the United Kingdom! They work with a very select group of small independent producers of artisan cheeses and charcuterie products, especially from the region of Catalonia.

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