Formaggi & Cheese is a sister to Bianca & Mora of Borough Market. Bringing cheeses, charcuterie and balsamic vinegar to markets around the UK, Formaggi & Cheese specialise in the best Italian products. They offer multiple ages of Parmesan, many from rare breeds for a fantastic taste experience. Similarly, the balsamic vinegar is available in multiple years, including 100 years old, and is sourced from the oldest maker in the world – in business for over 400 years. They are committed to offering the best choice without a premium – their Parmesan and Parma ham comes cheaper than from supermarket ‘best’ ranges, but with vastly more flavour and respect for the land. Bianca & Mora have won best cheese, best deli/grocer and best individual product (red cow Parmesan) at the Slow Food Awards for the last three years, and now share that expertise with us at Ealing Artisan. 

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