Crepe Kings

Joe black started Crêpe Kings because he believed he could elevate the humble crêpe, using Japanese influences and Italian Gelato he changed the game. Crêpe Kings are an east London based brand selling Artisan Crêpe Cones using fresh, local and organic where possible ingredients.

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London Cheese Market

London Cheese Market will offer you a variety of delicious flavoursome cheeses. What's great, they make these from locally sourced  ingredients which makes them very ethical and friendly. We guarantee, these freshly prepared cheese boards will knock your socks off. 

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Heritage Cheese

Prepare yourself, Heritage Cheese multi award-winning fine Italian cheeses and charcuterie will take you on a journey to discover the finest flavours of Italy. 

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The Celtic Bakers

Lovingly hand crafted bread, cakes and patisseries. 

North London based bakers, who are one of London's leading producers of lovingly handcrafted bread, cakes and patisseires. Since organic is the heart of their business, all products are made with Soil Association certified ingredients. Every single delicious product is freshly made every day with authentic methodology and scrupulous attention to detail. These lovely bakers are partners with Breadwinners, a charity providing support to refugees through training and jobs.

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Baj's Blazin' Hot Sauce

Baj's Blazin' Hot Sauces are a range of three chilli sauces and some new snacks!

Their best selling hot sauces called 'Dad's Original' created by her dad, to make the ultimate home made sauce.

After popularity of 'Dad's Original' Baj went on to create two more sauces two get the whole family involved, next was 'Mum's Mango' which is her Mum's favourite fruit and finally 'Smokin' Sister' a milder deep chilli sauce to celebrate her sister.

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Natural Born Wine

A company dedicated to finding, importing, distributing and celebrating beautiful biodynamic and natural wines from around the world. Started in 2016 by London-based writers and wine dorks Oli Hudson and Sam Rogg, they look for low-intervention wines that reflect the people and places that made them. When you fine them you'll find a diverse range of handcrafted wines. Each bottle comes with its own story, telling the tale of its origins and celebrating the growers, not just for their delicious wines but for the environmental, ethical and holistic choices they've made in creating them.

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Happy Eating House

Chinese sauces for cooking, made with great ingredients!

With a love for healthy eating, Happy Eating House, a Lewisham based company, makes small batch Chinese cooking sauces & condiments using only natural ingredients. They don't use any MSG or preservatives. Their product range includes Black Bean sauce, Chiu Chow Chilli Oil and Hoisin sauce.

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Finest Fayre

A range of gorgeously gooey scotch eggs with crumbly and inventive flavours. Finest Fayre have perfected the ultimate scotch egg, something that is a must eat!

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Zeytoon Bar

Variety of Olives, Sun-dried Tomato, Artichoke, Marinated Garlic & Feta Cheese

Zeytoon Bar are a family business sourching their products direct from Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey & Morocco. They marinate the ingredients int he UK every week, fresh for market days. They provide the highest quality foods for customers to enjoy.

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Marsh Farm Produce

Family run farm, specialising in beat straight from farm to customer

A family run farm specializing in fresh meat straight from the farm to the customer. They carry out all their own butchery on the farm from lamb, pork, beef, chicken homemade sausages with their own recipes. Also cooking their our own ham in the farmhouse kitchen.

If you're looking for seasonal fresh fruit and veg, straight from the growers, you need to stop here and stock your cupboards.

Their farmhouse is also where they make a range of jams, curds, marmalades, chutneys and mustard using local ingredients where possible.

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