Application for Craft & Gift Stalls Knebworth Winter Festival 2019

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Please note, these are requests, we can not guarantee your spot until the final line up has been confirmed. Indoor spaces are allocated in both marquees and indoor barns. It is essential you provide us with an image of you set up . Please tick all that apply:
Upon your application being processed, you will be asked to provide a detailed diagram of your set up. This will need to include all measurements, details of signage and lighting. Please have this ready in preparation. Please note, if you are trading from a vehicle once these are sited by the Eat Me Drink Me team they cannot be moved for any reason.
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Public liability insurance up to £5,000,000 GBP and Employers liability insurance to £10,000,000 GBP
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Please note if you are selling alcohol products the licence holder must be onsite at the event.
Please ensure you have read the relevant details for each event to be aware of facilities available and requirements for each one.
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