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Retailers at Battersea Power Station

Here is the line-up of the grate retailers at Circus West Village and how they are getting involved in this cheese-filled weekend.

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Battersea Brewery are our beer partners for the event. They will be serving up their delicious beers from an outside bar, as well as from within their bar on Arches Lane.

You can also find their beers in the cheese pairing session, as well as on offer as a free accompanying drink with the coveted Cheese Cup tasting cards.

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Get cheesy at Boom Cycle across the weekend. Join Nic and Amy who will be holding down the (fromage) fort at their Battersea site to lead the rides along to some of the cheesiest tunes you can ever think of (R 'n BRIE...anyone?)!


Not only are Brindisa hosting a Spanish cheese and wine pairing on Saturday, you can also find their delicious Spanish cheeses on one of the stalls at the festival, with their Cured Manchego competing in the Cheese Cup.

CS Toastie - Tandoori chicken & chilli.jpg

Cinnamon Kitchen will be serving 3 tasty cheese specials on their terrace through the duration of the festival.

Pop by their restaurant on Arches Lane to try their delightful chilli cheese toast, chicken tikka & cheddar naan, and tandoori paneer tikka.


For the festival Fiume have confirmed partnership with Grana Padano.

Head to their restaurant to find their Terrace stall, from which they will be serving Fettucine Cacio e Pepe with Black Truffle, as well as their delicious Grana Padano cheese doughnuts.


Mother are taking their mouth-watering mozzarella to their very own stall across the weekend. Head to Mother’s Mozzarella stall where you will be able to taste exactly how it is when it is just made; when it is still warm, swimming in whey. This will be served with a bit of olive oil D.O.P. from the Garda, vine tomatoes from Sicily, free basil, with a sourdough bruschetta. You can also try their special Organic hand-made mozzarella, which is competing for the winning cheese title in the Cheese Cup.

Mother will also be serving a fresh Mozzarella Caprese Salad from inside their restaurant on Arches Lane.


No.29 Power Station West will be serving their delightful house cheese toastie throughout the weekend - the Taleggio Toastie. Make sure to head to their restaurant to try this truly cheesy treat.


Want to sip on English wines, from local grapes, made in the heart of the power station at Vagabond's Urban Winery? Drop in to Vagabond in the Power Station on Sunday from 1.00pm - 1.30pm each day to check out their active Urban winery and try four of the different wines they make on site. £10 per head on the door.

You can also catch our wine partners in the Vagabond kiosk for your wine fix throughout the weekend.

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Wright Brothers will be serving up their Seafood Thermidor bake, served in a scallop shell, in their restaurant across the weekend.

You can also check out their oyster cart, situated on their terrace, from which they will be shucking oysters as well as serving their Wright Brothers Spritz on tap - Grey Goose Le Citron vodka, Trebbiano sparkling wine, citric acid, salted grapefruit tonic & Angostura bitters.

We Love Cheese at Battersea Power Station
Saturday 11 May (12pm-6pm) & Sunday 12 May (11am-5pm)

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