Northfields Market, presented by eat me drink me

Northfields Market

3rd Saturday of every month, 10am-2pm

A place to find unusual, specialist produce and foodstuffs right in the heard of Northfields Avenue.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new market in the lively community of Northfields. It will be a place to find unusual, specialist produce and foodstuffs to complement local businesses along Northfield Avenue, giving you a one-stop destination for all your foodie needs. 

There's nothing better than an easy walk to the shops, and Northfields Market will offer exciting new choices, as well as a welcoming place to meet up with friends and chat with neighbours while enjoying a treat.

In conjunction with Love Northfields

Feedback and suggestions

We hope you enjoyed the launch of the first Northfields Market on Saturday 18th March. Northfields Market will continue to take place as a trial on Northfields Avenue (with no road closures). Ealing Council will be undertaking consultation during the trial period and will be collecting feedback through-out. For more information please download the Northfields Market residents letter.

We want it to be a real community event in the heart of Northfields, so would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the market. So please take a few minutes to fill in the form below.


Getting there

Northfield Avenue
Ealing, W13

Tube/Rail: Northfields
Buses: E2, E3

Northfields Market

Featured sellers


Kaffee Culture

Kaffee Culture's Stephen offers hand-roasted artisan coffee beans sourced from Fairtradeor Rain Forest Alliance suppliers. Each batch of green beans is roasted at various roastlevels to decide which one brings out the flavours in the bean. Kaffee Culture also offersa bespoke roasting service, so if you like your Monsooned Malabar dark with some oilshowing then this is how it will be roasted for you.


Kaffee Culture
Italian True

Italian True

Italian True are truly Italian, importing fine products from only medium scale Italian producers, most of which are family companies. At market, Italian True offer tastings of their sauces, charcuterie, cheeses and pastries, and love talking with customers about the food, even offering recipes!


Amazing Sherbet Company

Amazing Sherbet Company

The Amazing Sherbet Company create nostalgic sweets with a twist, using new or unusual flavour combinations that haven't been tried before, including gin and tonic, Marmite, champagne, pizza, chocolate, expresso, rhubarb and custard and many more! Their sherbets are available in flavour collections and as lollipops,and all products are made from scratch using natural ingredients wherever possible. They make fun and unique gifts, and are also available to order for wedding and baby showers or as party favours.  



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